I try to do a mini collage each day.  No overthinking, just grabbing bits that are available and working with what's to hand. Its creative play with no particular purpose. When I look at back at them I see what I could do to explore an element in a larger work.


These little works average 5 x 7  or  5 x 7 x 2 cm if they contain dimensional elements.

cat from space
Mini collage on painted background
Mini collage on painted background with small molded face
cherry blossom
Mini collage on painted background. Drawn details
face fragment
Mini collage on scrap of painted text as background. 3D face
stitched mantra for our time
Stitched fabric collaged on to painted background
stay home
Painted paper stitched to to paper
Mini collage on painted background
jug orchid
city scape
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